He staged his first hat-trick in his career and became the first Premier League player to score 10 goals in various competitions since 2020. He has scored a personal record of 21 goals this season. The sudden offseason did not affect Anthony Ma The state of Shire, the Manchester United center looks unstoppable.

自从2020年以来,他在职业生涯中首次上演帽子戏法,成为首位在各种比赛中打进10球的英超联赛球员。他本赛季个人得分为21球。突如其来的休赛期并没有影响到安东尼·马(Anthony Ma)。

From the thighs of the Savior’s team that repeatedly rode the Savior in the Van Gaal era, to the controversial edge force under Mourinho, to the red devil’s new No. 9 with a hot barrel, the former "Golden Globe candidate" has survived. After setbacks and troughs, ushered in the dawn of transformation and upgrading. Solskjaer built a mobile offensive system around the midfield dual-core, which brought Martial unprecedented challenges and opened the door to a new world for him.

从在范加尔时代反复乘坐救世主的救世主大腿,到穆里尼奥领导下备受争议的边缘部队,再到带有热桶的红魔新9号,前“金球奖候选人”幸免于难。历经坎back,迎来了转型升级的曙光。 Solskjaer在中场双核周围建立了移动进攻系统,这给Martial带来了前所未有的挑战,并为他打开了通往新世界的大门。

In the first show, he scored a dragon-like first goal against Liverpool, and then used 4 games and 4 goals to lock the main position. Then several times the performance of the savior completely conquered the fans. Martial has had a Premier League career. A perfect start. In the Van Gaal era, Manchester United was criticized for indulging in invalid pass control. Martial's personal performance became the only passion of this team. At the same time that the Premier League team encountered a trough in the European war, Melo's battle for hegemony is in full swing. The British media can't wait to compare Martial to the "new Henry", hoping that the Premier League can usher in a player with the strength to compete for the Golden Globe.


Mourinho's arrival changed everything, and Martial's career trajectory has twisted. In the 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons, Martial made 54 appearances in the league, 19 of which were on the bench. His good scoring and assist efficiency did not help him secure his main position. In the Mourinho era, Manchester United tried a variety of formations and styles of play, and the frontcourt players were more impacted. Martial's good at dribbling and inside-cutting into the goal is not admired by Mourinho, and defensive participation. The problem of low degree has always been grasped.


Martial's talent is unquestionable, and his personal style of hard work and relentlessness and silence is also suitable for development in the rich. However, Mourinho seems to be not too cold for this lack of blood and unstable performance of the talented player, the gap between the two has become difficult to repair because of a series of unexpected events.


In the summer of 2016, Ibrahimovic landed in the Premier League. Manchester United management forcefully stripped Martial of his No. 9 jersey without saying hello. This sudden blow not only made Martial feel that his position in the team is unstable, but also caused the personal brand AM9 he just created to be stranded. At the beginning of 2018, Sanchez joined Manchester United. Martial, who was originally hot on the left wing, was taken by Mourinho and was forced to move to the right wing to compete with Rashford for a starting position. Due to the lack of persuasive performance in the club, Martial was not selected for the France 2018 World Cup squad. It is conceivable that he was hit by the loss of the Hercules Cup.

2016年夏天,易卜拉欣莫维奇(Ibrahimovic)登陆英超联赛。曼联管理层强行剥夺了他的9号球衣Martial的打招呼。这种突然的打击不仅使Martial感到他在团队中的位置不稳定,而且使他刚刚创建的个人品牌AM9陷入困境。 2018年初,桑切斯加盟曼联。军事,原本在左翼很火,后来被穆里尼奥带走,被迫移至右翼,与拉什福德竞争首发位置。由于俱乐部缺乏说服力的表现,因此武术队未入选2018年法国世界杯阵容。可以想象他因失去大力神杯而受到打击。

In the early part of the 2018/19 season, Mourinho tried a variety of offensive combinations, and Martial's appearance was relatively late. Sanchez is the first choice for the left forward under the four-back system. In the three-back system, Lukaku's position is very stable. Martial needs to compete with Lingard for another starting position. Playing time was cut to pieces, Martial still gave a lot of wonderful performances, the score against Chelsea and the equalizer when reversing Newcastle both reflected his value.


Martial’s advantages are excellent ball performance, full calf strength, high frequency of touches per unit time, sudden stop and start, and the ability to use "fast leg" dribbling to disrupt the rhythm of the defensive player. A strong body pushes away opponents when changing directions or variations. Martial has a strong ability to seize opportunities in front of goal, and the sight, strength and changes of his right foot shot are above the standard. In the games that have ended this season, Martial’s conversion rate of shots in the league reached 21.2%, which surpassed Aguero (20.8%), Kane (19.4%) and Salah (16%). Etc., also ahead of teammate Rashford (17.8%).


In the Mourinho era, Martial was used as a flank point. He often needed to force a pass without support. The opponent would often use double-teaming to steal the ball from his feet. After Solskjaer took office, he adjusted his striker's style of play. The front court trident is no longer restricted by position, and the mid-range interaction is frequent, which facilitates the implementation of pressure and stealing on the spot.


The position of the "forward" enhances Martial's tactical freedom and achieves the effect of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses. By reducing the dribbling on the flanks, Martial does not have to carry the infamy of "blind fighter"; facing the slower central defender, his breakthrough has a greater threat, and the unique change of direction is more likely to cause kills. When participating in the kick wall cooperation It is also handy; after coming to the front of the penalty area, the shooting angle is larger, and the excellent shooting skills have more room to play.


During the fire fighting last season, Solskjaer offered "carrots and sticks" to Martial. On the one hand, he praised Martial as a frontcourt finisher who was talented enough to match Ronaldo, and on the other hand he gave him a special offer. Small focus, improve the off-ball and confrontation ability.


After gaining muscle, Martial lost some of his flexibility, no longer stuck to flank skills, increased the attempt to directly hit the goal, and became a "forward" that takes into account the roles of winger and center. During Solskjaer’s tenure, Martial has taken leave of absence eight times due to injuries, but as long as he stays healthy, he will definitely be able to get the starting position. Since the 2019/20 season, Solskjaer has fixed Martial at the center position. After a period of adaptation, the French finally ushered in an outbreak.


Two assisted attacks fell to Brighton, opened the scoring at Stamford Bridge, scored twice against Newcastle, a fatal pass to end the Wolves, the Thunder shot down Burnley and scored against Manchester City in two consecutive scenes. Defeating the four rivals Sheffield United...Most of the wonderful solo shows, like a gun, are based on strong dialogues. Martial's dribbling and shooting have brought great trouble to the defenses of the powers.


The addition of new aid Bruno Fernandez has become a catalyst for Manchester United's upgrade. Since the Portuguese completed their Manchester United debut on February 1, 2020, Martial has scored 8 goals and became the Premier League shooter during the same period. Manchester United's recent metamorphosis stems from the strong braking of the midfielder's dual-core, and does not leave Martial's efficient output.


In the early transition period, Martial lacked enough strength to support the center's style of play. The injury (thigh muscle) at the beginning of the season was also the reason. In the two months that Martial was on the sidelines, Manchester United's results fluctuated greatly, and Rashford, who replaced him at the top of the formation, has been criticized.


After his comeback, Martial's performance on the court became more and more aggressive, more and more attempts to carry back and carry, and his header skills also increased greatly. In the past few seasons, Martial has only scored three headers in official matches. In the game that has ended this season, Martial has scored two against Norwich and Chelsea. Head the ball.


Thanks to their extremely high offensive efficiency, Manchester United has not lost 18 games in all competitions. The new Trident created by Solskjaer has scored 58 goals and 13 assists. Their average age is less than 21 years old, not only won Now, the future is also scheduled. The new Tridents performed well, and they will inevitably be compared with their predecessors. In the 2007/08 season, Manchester United was crowned the "double crown" of the Premier League & Champions League. The trident composed of Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez scored 79 goals and 30 assists. Their performance on the field was very visually impactful. , Is still talked about by Manchester United fans.

由于他们极高的进攻效率,曼联在所有比赛中均未输18场。索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)创建的新三叉戟(T叉戟)已打入58球和13助攻。他们的平均年龄不到21岁,不仅赢得了现在,未来还如期。新三叉戟的性能很好,它们将不可避免地与它们的前辈进行比较。在2007/08赛季,曼联获得了英超联赛和冠军联赛的“双冠王”。由克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多,鲁尼和特维斯组成的三叉戟队攻入79球30助攻。他们在现场的表现在视觉上非常有影响力。 ,仍然是曼联球迷谈论的话题。

Compared with Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez, the talents of Rashford, Martial and Greenwood are a lot worse, but the effect of the three young people is still considerable. If it weren't for Martial's long absence due to injury, Greenwood was still a substitute in most games, and the combination of data could be even more gorgeous.


The combination of Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez has a strong impact. Their play styles both have common points and each has outstanding advantages. This combination has no absolute position restrictions on the court. All three players can complete the draw, It also spares no effort in the execution of oppression and anti-grab missions in retracement and forward missions, and the overall coordination of offense and defense is high. Of course, although the Tridents are performing positionless rotations, they also have their favorite areas. The most frequent activity on the side is Ronaldo, Tevez appears more frequently on the right, and Rooney is more frequent. Stay in the center to suppress the line of defense, and occasionally tend to move to the left when pulling the side.

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo),鲁尼(Rooney)和特维斯(Tevez)的结合产生了强烈的影响。他们的比赛风格既有共同点,又有各自的优势。这种结合对法院没有绝对的位置限制。这三名玩家都可以完成平局,并且在回撤和前向任务中不遗余力地执行压迫和反抢劫任务,并且在进攻和防御方面的整体协调性很高。当然,尽管三叉戟正在执行无位置旋转,但是它们也有自己喜欢的区域。侧面最频繁的活动是罗纳尔多,特维斯出现在右侧的频率更高,鲁尼则更频繁。停留在中心以压制防御线,亚博手机版有时在拉动一侧时倾向于向左移动。

The members of the new Trident also take care of both sides. Martial and Rashford cover the left and center, and Greenwood is obviously right. For a long time before this, Kane has occupied an important position in Manchester United's signings list, and the British top card is regarded as the ideal candidate to continue the local spirit and center tradition of Manchester United. This situation has changed this season. Kane's performance after returning from injury was lower than expected, but Martial conquered the fans while gradually adapting to the 9th position.


With Bruno Fernandez and Pogba dual-core braking behind him, the Manchester United striker does not need to make too much vertical movement, and the use of horizontal space is even more important. Compared with Kane, who is shouldered by center forward and midfielder, Martial's ability to swing from side to side is more suitable for this Manchester United.

有了布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)和波格巴(Pogba)双核刹车,曼联的前锋不需要做太多的垂直运动,而水平空间的使用就显得尤为重要。与由中锋和中场肩负的凯恩相比,马蒂尔的左右摇摆能力更适合曼联。

After experiencing the highlights of the Van Gaal era and the ups and downs of the Mourinho era, Martial has now calmed down a lot. Martial chose to silently accept whether he was criticized by Mourinho or was not selected for the French 2018 World Cup squad. As one of the oldest players in this wave of Red Imps, Martial's team spirit and professionalism cannot be underestimated. The frontcourt players’ barrels are hot, the midfielder’s dual cores are seamlessly connected, and the so-called Red Devils return to their place. The young "veteran" Martial refreshed his sense of existence with every goal, keeping up with this exciting excitement. Era of change.

在经历了范加尔时代的亮点和穆里尼奥时代的风风雨雨之后,武术已经平静下来了。军事选择默默接受他是受到穆里尼奥的批评还是未被选入法国2018年世界杯阵容。作为Red Imps浪潮中最古老的球员之一,Martial的团队合作精神和专业精神不可低估。前场球员的枪管很热,中场球员的双核心无缝连接,所谓的红魔队回到了他们的位置。这位年轻的“老将”武术在每一个进球中都刷新了他的存在感,紧跟着这激动人心的兴奋。变化的时代。