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May 21, 2012

At the same day when little C was born her mom gave me a call and booked newborn session plus we agreed to take few pictures of her oldest, 18th months old, daughter.

For this session I had a trip to Winnipeg but when I came and saw them I realized right away it worthed it!

Two absolutely beautiful flowers in front of my camera. I love it.

We had a lot of fun taking pictures of oldest sister. She was so curious about my photography stuff, so I had no problem to keep her involved.

And little C was also cooperative enough to let me take these adorable portraits of her.


beautiful baby girl portrait

portrait of newborn girl

newborn portraiture by tanya z photography

children's portrait

portrait of girl

portrait of sweet newborn girl

steinbach newborn photographer work

portrait of girl

head shot of beautiful girl

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Check out my “bellies and babies” gallery on Tanya Z Photography website.


March 22, 2012

“Before you were born……………..I loved you.”

We did Mel’s maternity session in a very last week of pregnancy. And now I’m exited to say the little baby boy is just arrived! Tomorrow we’re scheduled his first ever newborn session and I’m sure he will be sweet and irresistible. But take a look at these Mel’s photographs. It’s always something very special about pregnant woman, isn’t it? Something really feminine..


black & white maternity portrait

black & white head shoot maternity portrait

Mel's maternity photographs taken in steinbach

maternity portrait taken in steinbach

pregnancy portraits taken in steinbach before newborn session


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